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Books that have changed my life

I decided to put down the books that have changed my life. This is different than just my favorite books. It’s more. I had to think hard and be honest with myself about this. Only books were chosen that created a legitimate paradigm shift in my mind and made me a better person. With some of these books, I’m exposing my vulnerabilities and struggles a bit so just know that this is somewhat a window into my soul.

Book of Mormon

Undeniably the most influential book of my life, this one is free if you download it for kindle.


Another very influential book in my life.

The Screwtape Letters

C.S. Lewis is a genius and I read this book many years ago and some parts of it still come to my mind.

Man’s Search for Meaning

This book was an amazing look into psychology, especially when the psychology is keeping you alive past your physical ability. Viktor Frankyl survived as a prisoner in the nazi concentration camps as a professional in psychology and his understanding about the human will and the power of meaning in one’s life is amazing given the circumstances he experienced and watched others experience too.

Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling

This is the most amazing and fascinating book and although Mr. Bushman is an incredible writer and researcher, the real credit goes to Joseph for leading such an amazing and fascinating life.

The Broken Heart

This is one of those books that I can say with absolute surety changed my life. For the lessons on Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice I’ve listened to and tried to understand over the course of my whole life, this book really drove it home for me and helped me to comprehend the Atonement and how it applies to my life. I came to a much greater appreciation for Jesus Christ, His sacrifice, and my role in this world after reading this.

Standing For Something

I actually read this book when I was in high school and it had a wonderful impact on me, especially since choosing to stand for something in high school is tough at times.

My Grandfather’s Son

Regardless of your views of him, he is an incredible story of the American Dream, coming from Pinpoint, GA in poverty and becoming a Supreme Court justice. One of his quotes in this book has been powerful to me: “True friendships are built on bonds of affection and character, not shared ideology.”

Same Kind of Difference as Me

This true story will make you want to run out and serve the homeless. For real. This is amazing and shows humanity at its best and brightest. Really inspiring.

Jesus the Christ

I feel as if I understand Jesus Christ so much better after reading this book. It is not an easy read with very thorough research and footnotes, but even the footnotes are worth reading. This book takes you into the cultural context of Christ’s lifetime and ministry. Many aspects of this book have made my understanding of His life, my life, and worship more meaningful.

Getting to Commitment

I loved this book and you could say it is a window into a struggle of mine. This really is such a good book for anyone to read who wishes to take their relationships seriously and have healthy relationships with those they love.

The Crucible

In high school my english teacher made us read this book and as it turns out, it created a powerful imagery to me that has stuck with me ever since.

The Scarlet Letter

A book on judgement and perception that is always good to revisit.

Tuesdays with Morrie

This book gave me great perspective when I read it. So much of what we think is important in life really doesn’t matter and a dying man points out what we should focus on most.


Beautiful writing! Mary Shelley just blows me away. It’s a shame she really only wrote this book—I would have loved to read others with her literary genius infused. Frankenstein is a book that I feel probes the deepest feelings of every soul in a symbolic way. And the story at large can be attributed to us coming to ourselves or to a higher source.

Reaching out in Love (Mother Teresa)

Some of Mother Teresa’s greatest stories as told my her right-hand sisters in the Missionaries of Charity, this book is incredible with little, yet incredibly powerful, bits of wisdom and stories about how to love others and not “things”. She also speaks about loneliness and how we should focus on alleviating the loneliness of others as a high priority. Only a few years ago, Mother Teresa’s personal writings were released to the public and it appears that loneliness was an intense, personal struggle of hers. This is the reason she spoke so clearly about it.

Mighty Be Our Powers

This book is an amazing true story about how one person has so much power that they can even be the driving force in stopping a war—even when they are not respected by society. Leymah Gbowee is now a Nobel Peace Prize winner and internationally recognized for forming a group of women who would demand the civil war in Liberia to be ended. And they accomplished this while women were mocked, abused in every way, and treated like second-class citizens.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (read while a teen)

I read this book reluctantly while I was a teenager (only after refusing to read it for a long time) and it changed my life and outlook. I think every kid should read this.

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